London Skate Life (LS Life) is more than just a skate school. It is a community of skaters where you can always find someone to roll around the city and have fun with. With LS Life you can find professional skaters coming from all over the world who can share their experience and knowledge throughout the different disciplines of inline skating, including fitness, freestyle, dance and skatepark. We offer classes all around London for adults and kids, from first-timers to advanced skaters.

London Skate Life was founded by German Moreno in 2014 when he first moved to the British capital. There, with the help and collaboration of several skaters from the London blading scene, LS Life has grown from skate school, to skate club, to a community of passionate skaters who love to skate.

Skating can be a lot more than what you expect it to be. It is more than just the quality of your skates, and the skills that you have. It can turn a workout into a fun, rewarding activity. Skating is a way to connect yourself to the world around you in a very special way. It can give you freedom, adrenaline, motivation, control and is also a strong social tool to meet people to hang out with and shred around your city.

“Happy On Skates” is our motto.